AWS Native Telco Operator (ANTO)

Become a Cloud Native Telco Operator in Record Time


Introducing ANTO –
the AWS Native Telco Operator

ANTO is a telco-in-a box solution, built natively on the AWS service stack, that an MNO or MVNO can use to launch a disruptive digital brand quickly and efficiently

ANTO is a pre-integrated solution built from an ecosystem of some of the most disruptive software vendors in the telco space today, combining Totogi Charging-as-a-Service, Moflix All Digital Telco-in-an-App, and AWS Infrastructure-as-Code

ANTO is a game changer, and will continue to evolve over time as we identify other innovative AWS native ISVs who can help us expand the footprint

Built on AWS from Day One

Start Fresh. No Refactoring of Legacy

The ANTO partnership leverages the power of AWS serverless services to deliver a solution that is truly born in the cloud. This means Telcos can easily set up their lean operations with digital propositions and service monetization capabilities based on a SaaS platform that scales up and down to suit their needs

As the industry evolves, it’s clear that legacy IT models must change, and implementing a separate digital stack to support innovative business models and 5G is a smart and cost-effective way to stay ahead of the curve


Unlimited Scalability

ANTO is a carrier grade solution – built from the ground-up to leverage the power and unlimited flexibility and scalability of AWS to let you grow with whatever opportunities the future brings


Lightning Fast GTM

ANTO operators create their own offers and pricing plans and launch them to the market in minutes. This immediate business impact helps you deliver the instant gratification digital customers demand


Business Control

ANTO removes the complexity from your operations so you can focus on running a disruptive digital operator. No more waiting for IT to prioritise your requirements. Your commercial team is back in control.

What Are the Benefits?

I can respond to market pressures in an agile way, and create an attacker brand or defend against a new market entrant in hours at a significantly lower cost than currently possible. My teams are free to innovate and monetize our services in disruptive ways, with digital propositions that delight my customers, boost engagement & NPS, and accelerate my growth
Chief Commercial Officer
I can expect multi-million dollar savings from the ability to launch an entire operator stack using infrastructure as code vs implementing and integrating legacy hardware & software. Running a lean operating model with flexible monetization capabilities boosts my top line growth and cuts cost to deliver impressive margin improvements
Chief Financial Officer
I have flexible scalable infrastructure that is easy for my business stakeholders to use, allowing IT to act as a proactive enabling partner rather than standing in the way of progress. My IT cost for business support systems has been reduced by 80% while delivering disruptive new capabilities that customers love

Chief Information Officer

What's in the Box?

It All Starts with an
All Digital Telco-in-an-App

ANTO lets Operators and MVNOs launch a new cloud-native All Digital Telco-in-an-App in record time. Your customers can sign up and onboard themselves in minutes and manage their entire relationship with you through an intuitive mobile app.

We provide a full end-to-end digital solution to drive rapid growth in a lean operating model that can be integrated easily into your existing operation. And with no disruption to existing IT roadmaps – so you can see the impact on your KPIs by the next quarter.  

Increase operational efficiency, lower business risks, and offer a fully digital, customer-friendly, and sustainable proposition while providing the foundation to grow the business through new revenue streams.

Revolutionary Charging and Mobile Plan Design

The ANTO solution includes a revolutionary Charging-as-a-Service platform that offers unmatched scalability with an easy-to-use customer mobile plan design system. This is the world’s first serverless, multi-tenant real-time charging platform, providing a cloud-native SaaS charging solution for the telecom industry.

Built from the ground up to run on AWS – at one million transactions per second and climbing – Charging-as-a-Service applies the power of the public cloud to real-time charging and plan design.

With instant plan deployment, you can focus on crafting and launching powerful competitive mobile plans without needing IT support. (We’re talking minutes, not months!)  You can also compare your offers with global competitors, instantly.

Watch ANTO in Action

Learn more about the All-Digital Telco-in-an-App

Learn more about the Customer Mobile Plan Design Tool

“It’s great to have a strategic partnership between AWS, Moflix, and Totogi that leverages the power of cloud-native solutions to enable CSPs to easily set up and run their telco operations with business and monetization capabilities using a SaaS platform.

Moflix offers a digital all-inclusive telco-in-an-app with Totogi offering real-time charging and the ability for operators to do network intelligence. It’s a perfect combination to provide a comprehensive and agile operator stack for digital brands and MVNOs so they can innovate faster and leverage AWS capabilities to be ahead of the curve.”

– Viswanadha (Visu) Sontam, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Who Are We?


ANTO is a consortium made up of some of the most disruptive software vendors in the telco space today. We are all strategic AWS partners and have used Open APIs and AWS serverless services to create the first fully cloud-based SaaS operator environment that is built natively using the AWS service stack

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